Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yes, I know.  I have tried this before.  And failed.  Have faith in me, I can do it this time!
I have decided to start a blog.  Again.  Not because I feel the world needs to know everything there is to know about me.  Not to promote myself and my family and all the causes near and dear to my heart.  But simply because I feel it's going to preserve my sanity.  Call it online therapy, if you will.
Until recently, I have used my Facebook page to let my feelings out.  I thought it was a safe environment in which to garner support from people in my life.  Despite the fact that these were things posted on my own personal Facebook page, I caught flack from it no matter which way I turned.
Apparently, you aren't allowed to do that.  Whatever.  In any case, I have decided that from now on, this will be where there are no censors on who I am.  Like it or not, take it or leave it, this is me.
A true Minnesota mom. 

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  1. I love blogging, it is my safe place too! I look forward to getting to know you and your heart better :)