Saturday, March 26, 2011

Decorating NONsense

I am beginning to realize why tornadoes so love to flatten trailer parks.  I live in a very nice mobile home in a fairly big park.  It is a nice park-there are no cars up on bricks or lawnmower parts strewn across the yard.
However, if you take a walk through where I live you are bound to see some interesting things.  In fact, I don't even have to leave my living room to witness the oddities.
Case in point: the neighbors have a hole on the side of their house.  A chickadee flies in and out of it every single day, many times a day. 
What the hell?!?  If some random bird flew through a flippin hole in my siding and into my house, I would not be nonchalant about it.
I thought that just for giggles, I would give you a glimpse into my little corner of the world so you could laugh along with me at the things I see.  Here goes nothin!
*Christmas lights on nightly.  Still.  It's almost April.
*Plastic flowers in outdoor planters.  Yep, plastic.
*Strobe-like lights in the driveway.
*In one yard: a ceramic lion painted bright gold, an ancient limo, a psychedelic-colored VW, and two statues of dogs lifting their legs on a rock.
*A grill entirely encased in tin foil.  It looks like someone trying to build a homemade rocket, but they do actually cook on it.
*All forms of plastic and ceramic geese, donkeys, and other animals.
*"Windchimes" made of old CDs.
That is just a small sampling, and it's not even springtime yet.  I cringe to see what will crop up once the snow melts and people get outside.  I know that each person has their own style and sense of outdoor decor.  I truly get that.  But what is it about living in a trailer park that makes people invent such odd ways of accenting their little yards?  I mean, I am all for recycling and upcycling and using what you have.  But there's already such a stigma surrounding living in a trailer park, so why make it worse? 
Myself, I prefer soft green grass, rosebushes and a hanging basket or two.  I save the craziness for inside, and the only "trailer trash" we have here is what's in the garbage can.

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