Monday, March 14, 2011

Food for Thought..

This was posted as my friend on Facebook's status the other day, and it really got me thinking.
"If you woke up tomorrow and all you had left was what you had thanked God for the day before, what would you have left?"
What a great, thought-provoking question.
I know that I am not the most religious person on the block.  I do, however, have a deep renewed faith.  There are naysayers out there that say that I only came back to God because of what Madi went through.  I think it's more like God was there for me at my hardest times, and when I finally broke through and trusted Him to bring me where I needed to be, things were a lot easier.  There were tons of people there for my family and me during all the hard times, but at night when I was tossing and turning and worried as can be, it was just God there with me.  And it was so comforting to be able to give up my cares to Him and know that He would take care of everything according to His plan.
Case in point:  When we went to Mayo Clinic on August 5th, I was irritated.  We weren't supposed to go till the 7th and I was totally thrown for a loop.  I felt like the rug was being ripped out from under me.  Well obviously God had His plan in action.  If we had waited to go till the 7th, Madi would not have gotten her heart that day.  It was then that I really learned to just believe that God would work it all out in the end.
It was also during that time in our lives when I really learned how to pray.  How to just talk to God, which is really all that praying is.  Now, many times a day, I stop for a moment to thank Him for my blessings.  There are many to be thankful for! 
I no longer take the small "wins" for granted.  I am thankful for every little victory we have as a family or as individuals.  And when the going gets tough, as it's bound to at times, I just try my hardest to take it in perspective.  Life could be so different for me, and I know that I am extremely lucky.
So, if I woke up tomorrow morning and all that was left was what I had thanked the Lord for the day before, my life would still be very blessed indeed. 
What would you have left?

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  1. This is a beautiful post Linsey, so open and honest. I can relate so much to those nights where you know it is only you and God. It is amazing to see how He works and cares for us day or night, and how much lighter our burdens are when we turn them over to Him. Thank you for the reminder :)