Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Eyelashes? Seriously?

I got a new laptop!  Wa-hoo!  Best Buy decided that since my laptop has been in three  times, per their Geek Squad Black Tie Protection, they had to "junk out" my computer and get me into a new one.  Yay for accidental damage coverage! 
So as I am sitting on my laptop, checking my Facebook for the bazillionth time today (it's an addiction, I know), I saw a commercial on TV for some drug that promotes eyelash growth.  I have to say, it really ticked me off!
Why on Earth is there such a big hullaballoo about eyelashes?  I mean, honestly, if the biggest issue in your life is the fact that your eyelashes aren't long enough for your taste, you are probably doing pretty well.  I am sure there are some medical conditions and medications that do things to your hair and there's a lot of weight on people's looks.  But seriously?  With things like CHDs, Cancer, AIDS, MS, and many many other debilitating disorders out there, I can only pray that this drug was originally going to be used for something serious and the eyelash part was discovered by accident.  If not, that would make me very sad.
Ok that's it, my rant is done and over.. for now.

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