Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Food wars part two: Battle of the Stuffed Crust

If you follow my blog, you know by now about Madi and her struggles.  The main one now post-transplant is food.  (See previous post)
Tonight I decided that I was going to order a pizza from Pizza Hut, as they were doing a deal where a large stuffed crust was only $10-score!  I thought for sure it would be a win-win situation.  In the past, when I have gotten Madi to eat pizza, it was always a little personal pan pizza from the little mini Pizza Hut inside our local Target.  She also really likes cheesy bread so I thought if nothing else the stuffed crust would win her over.
She took one look at her plate, yelled, and tried to push herself away from the table.  At this point, Sydney had a piece of pizza in her mouth but upon seeing Madi's temper tantrum decided that she would much rather have her milk.  Massive whining from both children ensued.  All they wanted was their milk, right now!  (I am gonna come clean here and admit that all I wanted right then was a shot of booze.. ha ha) 
I begged-"Just try one bite!" I yelled- "Eat now or you go to your room!"  I bribed- "Once you start eating your dinner you can have your milk."  I upped the ante-"If you eat your dinner we can have ice cream afterward."  Nothing worked.  So I ignored.  I sat and ate my own two (delicious!) pieces of pizza, wishing that there was a way I could transfer my (too strong) love of food to my two food snobs.  (Sydney usually eats much better than this, but lately has been on some kind of odd food strike.)
All of a sudden, Madi says "It's perfect!"  I sneaked a glance out of the corner of my eye and lo and behold, she was taking pieces of pizza, dunking them in ranch, and eating them-without spitting them out!  She finally realized that if she loves ranch dressing, then maybe if she dunked pizza in it, it would be delicious!  (Duh!  I could've told her that.  In fact, I did.  Many times.)
I wish I could say that she ate the whole piece of pizza, and that Sydney ate hers too.  It was not to be..Sydney would not touch any of her pizza no matter what tactic was taken.  Madi, however, ate about half of hers.  I am chalking this one up to a victory.
Take that, food!  One day, one step at a time, I WILL win this war!  Determined mommies (and daddies) always do.

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