Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hi, My name is "No! No! No!"

I think I should get both of my children tattooed with that sentiment.
Today has been quite the interesting day.  If any of you have been to our house, you know that the amount of toys, books, games and art supplies could easily give Toys 'R' Us a run for their money.  Well, at least that's what crosses my mind when it's 2am and I step on yet another Lego, wrenching my ankle and swearing that the kids don't need anything new.  Ever. Again.
So what have my beloved children been playing with today?  Whilst I have been on the phone most of the day trying to straighten out insurance issues & bills (I know you are jealous), my children have been busy too.  Here are the list of "playthings" we have been digging (and in some situations, I use that term literally) today:

Garbage cans & recycling bins
The dishwasher
Movie bins (dumping them out)
The bin that holds diapers, wipes, blood pressure monitor, and record book for vitals
Drawers in the kitchen that are supposedly child-locked.  So much for that idea.
Sheena, the cat.. pulling on her hair and shoving random toys in her face
Each others' heads, mainly the hair.  As in drag-you-to-the-ground hair pulling.
Movies (taking them out of cases & strewing about)
Light switches
Electrical outlets
Cupboard doors-again these have useless child-locks on them.
Closet doors.. open, shut, open, shut
Vacuum cleaner attachments
Mommy's laptop.  Didn't you know they make great platforms on which to stand?  Me either.

I am sure there are many more items to add to the list but I haven't discovered any further proof of that.  I can't count how many times today I had to take one child or the other to time out, break up some kind of squabble, or remove them from something potentially dangerous/annoying.  All this while on hold with various companies.  I wonder if there's some tape somewhere of all my disciplinary actions that was taped while I was holding.  Guess it serves them right for making me stomach that horrible Muzak, right?
Now that all my calls on my to-do list are taken care of, I am off to put a pizza in the oven and watch Monsters, Inc with the girls.  I think I deserve it just as much as they do.

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