Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hard Decisions...

Lately there has been a lot of soul-searching going on in this heart of mine. 
It's so hard sometimes to go forward with things when you feel that you are not supported.  In the past six months, I have been pushed aside, ignored and insulted by people that I love.  It has come to pass that the things I am trying to do to further education and awareness about heart disease are being completely ignored by a lot of people in my life.  Most of them family members.  I can't tell you how much this hurts. 
It is with a very heavy heart that I have decided that our family will not be physically walking in the American Heart Association's Start! HeartWalk this year.  Team Madi still exists, and we will still be raising as much money in donations as we can.  We would be very honored if you would make a donation to Team Madi and help us "walk all over" heart disease and stroke.  Please follow the link at right to do so.  All monies raised go to fund research and education regarding heart disease and stroke.
Please do not think that this is me giving up and walking away from the causes that mean so much to me.  I simply need a break, time to regroup, and time to heal.  It pains me that people that I thought I could count on (in my family!) have absolutely no interest whatsoever in what we are doing.  It's sad, really.  But there's nothing I can do but move on.
I am choosing to set my sights on some other endeavors.  We will be collecting items for the Child Life department at Saint Mary's hospital, and as always we will still be gathering as many pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House as we can.  We also have our 2nd blood drive in Madi's honor coming up in August, so stay tuned for further information on that!  I am very excited to be moving forward with these events, and hope that you will join us if you can.  Every little bit helps! 


  1. Linsey, I so understand where you are coming from as you type out this log entry,
    Your family & mine sound so uch alike.
    we may not be blood related but remember this...Virgil & I are ALWAYS here for you..

    Love you guys ♥

  2. Fundraising for something you feel so strongly about is HARD. Because you know so well what that money (time, blood, organ, pop tab, whatever) is going to change on the other end, and you want so badly to make other people see it, too. You just have to keep fighting the good fight and try not to take some things personally - like lack of support. Other people's issues shouldn't be eating you up - that's taking valuable time and energy away from GOOD things! Some people will hear you and support you every way they can. Some people will never understand, even if they are personally affected. A lot will be somewhere in the middle. Embrace the good and don't think about the bad - because you're doing something wonderful and you are being an AMAZING role model for Madi. It's all about her. She's going to grow up knowing that she is one loved little girl and she's going to continue the mission that you are starting. That's legacy material. ;) LOOOOVE to you, darlin.

  3. Thanks, guys! It helps a lot to "vent it out" on my blog and get your love & support. :)