Monday, August 1, 2011

Let's help bring Ethan home!

Yesterday's post was on friends.  Today I am going to post about a specific friend who is embarking on the adventure of a lifetime!
We met the Lindquist family when Madi was in the PICU in July of 2009, right before her transplant.  Even though their daughter, Sophina, was struggling with her own issues post-surgery, they were always there for us when we needed them.  Connie would stop by at least once a day with a hug for me, and they would lift my spirits SO much.  It was my first experience with a fellow heart parent.  The first time I really remember saying "Oh, she gets it.  I mean really really gets it."  What a blessing!
As if Connie wasn't busy enough with her girls at home-Elizabeth, Alexandra, Catherine, Victoria and Sophina-she and her husband Scott (currently working a whole state away to help his family!) have heard the Lord's call to help the orphans of the world.  Their son, Ethan, will be joining their family from Eastern Europe as soon as his adoption is finalized.  Click here to meet Ethan! 
First of all: how handsome is this young man?  I am so happy for Ethan, and for the Lindquists.  The conditions in Eastern Europe are dismal at best for kids with disabilities like Ethan's.  It would seriously make you sick to hear about how these beautiful, bright, sweet children are treated.    Here's where it gets even harder to stomach: it is unfathomably expensive to bring these children home.  Connie and her family are willing to drain their savings account and exhaust every last dime they can to bring Ethan to them.  (All the Lindquist girls are more excited than you could possibly imagine as well, in case you were wondering!)  So why do they want to do this?  Well, read this post from Connie on her blog, Obeying God's Call to hear it directly from her.  And if you aren't moved by this family, you can't be moved by anything.
The Lindquists are currently fundraising in a very very special way.  They are going to take their familys' old clothes, cut them up, and sew them into a quilt for Ethan.  Here's where it gets really good: for every $20 donated, they will sew YOUR NAME onto this quilt!  That way Ethan will know how many people came together to bring his family together. (Ethan's Quilt Fundraiser)
Can you spare $20 to save an orphan's life?  I know you can.  If you can spare more, that's awesome of course, too!  Please visit the Lindquist family's blog to read about this very special family and their quest to obey God's call.  Let's get their adoption grant to skyrocket, and bring Ethan home!

"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."- Anne Frank


  1. Thank you SO much for doing this! WOW! I am not a computer person so doing a blog has been a stretch for me and i needed a lot of help to get it done SO how you did this blog post is amazing to me!
    We so appreciate your letting your friends and family know about this!
    IF they want to give though just to give they can do that too.
    BUT IF THEY WANT THEIR NAME ON OUR QUILT...THEY HAVE TO GIVE ME THEIR NAME AND LET ME KNOW THAT THEY GAVE AND HOW THEY WANT THEIR NAMES ON THE QUILT....all of the donations are given anonymously so i will have no idea otherwise.
    We were given a gift of a good size, where i don't know if they wanted their name on the quilt or not and it just kills me if that person DID want to be on our quilt that i will not know!
    THIS was SO very special and we are so very grateful for your friendship over these TWO YEARS!!! Can you believe how far our girls have come! We have both seen our children at their worst spots....and now look! LOVE YOU

  2. Love you back Connie.. and I hope this blog helps people to see what an AWESOME family you have!