Thursday, August 18, 2011

Overindulgence-The American Way?

I feel like I might just barf.
I heard on the radio today that Kim Kardashian is getting married this weekend.  Whoop-dee-friggin-do. Get this: her wedding is setting them back $20 MILLION!  Yes, you read that right.  Twenty. Million. Dollars.  For a wedding.
I do not give a crap who you are, or what your claim to fame may be (What IS Kim's claim to fame, anyway?  Having a huge butt?  Big deal, so do I!)-that's a bit much.
There are so many people who are hungry, hurt, and in need.  Here in the United States as well as around the world.  There's famine in Africa.. people are walking for weeks to try to find food for their children, and many of them do not make it.  Or what about the orphans?  I have a wonderful friend who is in the process of bringing their beautiful boy, Ethan, home from Eastern Europe.  (See earlier blog posts for more on this awesome journey!)  Where Ethan is from, orphans are treated worse than cattle.  These children are literally tied to their beds!  Their bodies are atrophied and twisted.  They have never known the warmth of a soft bed, being forced instead to sleep in Soviet-era metal cribs with thin, hard mattresses.  They have no toys.  Most of them do not get out of bed.  Ever.  They are in desperate need of a loving home.  A family.  Hugs and kisses.  Medical care.  School.  Toys.  Basic human needs.  One of the posts on a friend's site mentions an eleven year old girl who weighs 10 pounds!!!  Only ten.  And another little girl's arm measures three inches in diameter.  Take out a measuring tape.  Check out how very small that is.  And these are not extreme cases.  Well, they are, but not in the sense that they can be considered abnormal.  Where these kiddos are, this IS the norm.  Some of the photos of the children that are in these Eastern European orphanages remind me of photos from concentration camps.  It's sickening.  Heart-breaking.  Utterly and terribly wrong.
So, if Kim Kardashian were listening right now (or any of the other countless "celebrities" who flaunt their money like no one's business) I would tell her this:  Shame on you.  Spending that kind of money on a one day event when there are children dying everywhere.  Kids who need love and support.
While you feast on your wedding day, there is a child taking their last breath while tied to a metal crib no better than a cage.  They don't have to die.  Imagine how many people that twenty million could help. 
What's the real crime against humanity here?

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