Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Easing the sorrow with love

This week has been a particularly rough one in my little Facebook CHD corner.
Just in the past three days, 4 heart kids (that I know of personally) have gone to be with Jesus, and it breaks my heart in a million pieces to think about what these families are going through.
Unfortunately, it's all too common in the heart world, but it doesn't make it any easier to stomach the loss of these precious children.  I feel compelled to just DO something.  Something tangible.  Something meaningful.  Something more.  And then it hit me-there is something I can do that will be meaningful to someone I happen to know and care about very much.  And you can help.  It won't take away the sorrow that fills the heart community, but it can help one family realize that there still are caring & loving people in the world, and that their son will never be forgotten.
My friend Michelle lost her son Nathan in January due to complications following his 4th open heart surgery. (Read about sweet Natey here) We live in Minnesota, which some of you know as "land of tundra", and his gravestone still is not set.  Due to the extreme climate changes, the cemetery in which Nathan is buried has very specific guidelines when it comes to headstones, which end up raising the cost significantly.  The family, who has tapped out every resource possible just trying to pay medical bills and provide for their two kids who are still with us, needs our help!  They'd like to get Nathan's headstone engraved and set before winter sets in.  I know, blog readers, that you are generous and kind people.  I know that you have love in your hearts.  I also know that most of you have not had to experience the loss of a child.  Myself included.  I cannot even imagine what that's like, nor do I want to.  So what do you say?  Can we help this family?  I think we can do it.  Please follow the secure link below to contribute what you can.  Every single dollar helps.  Please think about what you would do if you were in this situation-and I sincerely hope you never ever have to be.  This world would be a much better place if we were all a tiny bit more helpful. 
Can you skip your Starbucks for the day?  For the week?  I know I can. 
Click here to help!

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