Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sh!t Heart Moms Say

A new trend has hit the internet.  Actors and actresses on YouTube doing parodies of stereotypical things that a certain gender/race/group say or do.  And let me tell you, as un-PC as they can be, I have found them to be hilarious.  My personal favorite is Shit Fat Girls Say.  It cracks me up every time, most likely because let's face it, I am not the skinniest person to ever walk the earth.  And I may or may not have said some of the things that are portrayed in the video.  You can watch it here but be warned, there are parts that are not for little ears.
After watching that video, and some of its hilarious counterparts-Sh!t Extreme Couponers Say, Sh!t Girls Say, and more-I decided that there should be one for us heart moms out there.  Being that there's no way on God's green Earth that I am going to be filming myself anytime soon, I thought I would just post some of the things that are said frequently in our little world that may not make sense to others, but cause that "aha" moment for a heart parent.  Feel free to contribute if you think I have missed some!  :)

"Are her lips bluer than normal to you?"
"Anyone know of any way to put extra calories in a diet without using olive oil in everything?"
"She was satting in the low-80s today, so I was a bit concerned."
"Can you believe how PINK her toes are?"

"Well, her ejection fraction is 25% but you could never tell by looking at her."
"I HATE when people tell me that she's 'repaired'.. she has freakin man-made material in her chest!"

"Please pray for pee!"
"Anyone out there have a trick to getting your two year old to sit through a blood pressure reading?"
"During her speech therapy today, she actually said a full sentence!"
"Ugh.  So tired of oral aversions."
"Yep.  We have pneumonia/RSV.  Again."

"Oh my gosh, we have made it 6 months without seeing the inside of Children's!"
"Yay!  They featured someone with HLHS on Grey's Anatomy tonight!  But they totally handled it wrong.."
"Well she has a moderate tricuspid leak, but most of us do, so whatever."
"I cannot wait till he gets off this sildenafil.  The 'unfortunate side effects' are a little weird in a three-year-old."
"Another stay at Hotel Amplatz.  (Hotel Children's, etc.)  Can someone bring me some food?"
"I don't want to say the h word yet, but.. we may get to go home soon!"
"I wish I could put her in a bubble so she could avoid germs all the time."
"Woo hoo! Extubation!"

"He's such a hard stick that they are keeping the IV in till they are sure he will stop dropping his pressures."
"Three a.m. and I am doing laundry.  Damn g tube leaked all over again."
"What's his INR?"
"Chest tube removal.. sounds like the perfect time for me to leave the room."
"Do they HAVE to check vitals every 4 hours? How do they expect us to sleep around here?"
"I swear I should a have a freaking nursing degree by now."

Sometimes, it's good to know you're not alone.

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  1. Linsey- I absolutely love reading your blogs and you def gave me some "aha" moments reading these, I truly admire you as a mother, sometimes i feel so alone when it comes to my daughters heart defect, I look at other moms in jealousy bcuz they have healthy children that I would DIE for, makes me want to scream at them like "maybe you should spend more time with your child, you never know when you could lose them" it actually changes my entire opinion of them as a person which is probably not right but I dont care, i am proudly obsessed with my daughter Nevaeh. please keep blogging!!