Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dear Donor Family: A Christmas letter

Dear Donor Family:

There will never be a Christmas gift that will ever touch what you have given us.
I cannot imagine the strength and unselfishness that it took to make such a brave decision in the face of losing your child.  A child that was ten months old, taken from you so senselessly.  But you looked past your pain somehow.  Maybe it was God that helped you to make this decision.  Maybe it was something you always believed in.  Either way, you decided to give another person's child (or children) the chance to live.  To be a child.  To carry on.
Today, my daughter is in school.  She learns and grows.  She is pink and aglow with life.  You made this happen.  You took my baby from the brink of death, and made her into who she is today.
I know that there are no words or gestures that will take away the pain you must be feeling.  The ache of losing a child is something that never leaves a parent, and while I do not know how you are feeling, I can respect it.  The enormity of it.  The finality of it.  The longing.  I wish that this never happened to you.  To any parent, for that matter. 
I so hope someday to meet you.  To put my arms around you and hug you with every fiber of my being.  To hear about your child and see photos.  To place your ear to Madi's chest so that you can hear this beautiful, strong heart that saved her life.  To let you know that your child lives on in our child, and that we will do everything in our power to treasure, to safeguard, and to honor this precious heart and the meaning behind how it came to be Madi's.
Our family will never need an angel atop our Christmas tree.  We have a guardian angel watching over Madi whose heart beats strong and sure in her chest.  There can be no greater gift than that.

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