Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Year-round giving with LOVE

Hi Friends & Family 
 I know this is early, but I know some of you like to keep your eyes peeled for bargains year-round, so I thought I would plant the bug in everyone's minds now.. and continue to do so off and on in the coming months.
As you all probably know, we like to give back to the people who did so much for Madi when she was sick in the hospital pre and post-transplant.  One of our favorite things to do is collect things for the Child Life department at St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester.  New toys, books, movies and video games can help a child to pass the time, feel a bit better, or even assist in physical and occupational therapy.  The Child Life department also holds a "Santa's Workshop" in the winter so that parents of kids who are in the hospital can "shop" for their children's Christmas gifts.  Having a kid in the hospital is a huge financial strain, and to be able to give these parents and kiddos good birthdays and Christmases as well as help them during their stay to get better and stay better is a very easy thing to do.
This year I hope to bring tons of items to the Child Life department for Madi's transplant anniversary and/or Christmas.  Next time you are out and about, if you have a few extra dollars, maybe you could think about these kids.
Even the "dollar spot" at Target has fun items like pens, markers, books, and stickers.
Here are some basic guidelines:
*No stuffed animals
*No bubbles
*All items must be brand new
*Items such as lip gloss, chapstick, Play-Doh, etc must be individually wrapped.
*DVDs and video games are always welcome, provided they are not "Rated R"
If all else fails, pick up a gift card to Target, Bath n Body Works, Walmart or iTunes.
We will collect them here at our house and then when it gets nearer to delivery time, I will post a reminder again.
If you have any questions-maybe about what's allowed and what's not, or what may be needed, please feel free to ask away!
Thanks for your consideration!

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